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Performance at the Bandstand

'What Do We Want?' A small publication on remembering protest. Courtesy of Siân Robinson Davies and Emma Leach

Performance which includes the public dissemination and interaction with a small publication entitled ‘What do we want?’ on remembering protest.


‘What Do We Want?’ is a small publication containing a collection of writings on protest in its
differing forms, thinking about how its parameters are defined, how a unified voice emerges from a
group of individuals and what it means when a protest is remembered for the wrong reasons. The
text will be disseminated within the public space surrounding Clapham Common bandstand,
inviting passersby to resurface their own experiences and (mis)recall protest.


Siân Robinson Davies makes solo performance work with an interest in language, semiotic games,
visual puns and the spatial syntax of Sign language. She also works collaboratively with the
Edinburgh Peer Group, organising interventions, discussions and workshop activities in a variety of
public spaces across the city.


Emma Leach is an artist based in London working in performance, writing and installation. Her
works have a strong focus on narrative, using play and observation to adapt an original story – often
from a news article or other ‘official’ source. Her practice engages with subjects of political,
historical and social significance through the by-products of larger, more newsworthy events.


Saturday 5th May
2:00 pm at the Clapham Common Bandstand
FREE admission