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Visual Visionaries

The Bread and Roses Centennial Festival design concept is being delivered by Studio Mothership. This independent design studio describes itself like a “mothership vessel that feeds and carries our skills, interests and practice”.  Here at studioSTRIKE we’d have to agree.


This has been the studio’s first big project but at no point has it shown. Designer Ken Borg and creative partner Lucy Sloss have been feeding our appetite with clean, thoughtful and excellent design. From the logo to the website, to the t-shirt to the hand stamp- we have the creative genius of Studio Mothership to thank.


Once Ken and Lucy  have stopped dodging our deadline bullets we’ll be posting a short video of them talking about their ideas behind the centennial design. They may even offer a few secrets to their success as I’m sure from the drive, energy and creative outlook these two designers have a very successful career ahead. Romanian to English