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The Ladies Bridge + Q&A

The Ladies Bridge explores why builders of Waterloo bridge and 24,000 other female construction workers have been written out of history. Today the riverboat pilots on the Thames tell the story of Waterloo Bridge being built by women during the Second World War. Official history has written this story out as Historian Dr Chris Wall discovered after years of trawling through archives. Two years ago she was joined by film-maker Karen Livesey to pursue the story through oral history.


The Ladies Bridge is being screened as part of our Family Unit Untie day. Book here for FREE tickets. Come down at 1pm to join the ladies of Clapham WI who will be holding workshop on protest cupcakes! 

You might also be interested in My Child The Rioter screening later that day, at 6pm, book FREE tickets here


” An excellent resource for any teacher delivering GCSE modern world history…it broke down barriers between generations.”
Derek Moir, Head of History, Brit School, Croydon.


“ Fascinating essay in social history and a gripping account of the search to recover memories of a particularly poignant time in British History, and the
often forgotten role that women played in war-time.”
Greg Neale , Founding editor BBC History Magazine, some time resident historian of BBC Newsnight


“ It inspired me to go away and interview my Nan.”
Marieke Evans, Education outreach at Manchester Science Museum