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Closing night grand finale

EXCLUSIVE Live score of Eisenstein’s Strike. As part of the Bread and Roses Centennial celebrations, The Cabinet of Living Cinema will perform a live score to Sergei Eisenstein’s seminal work, Strike (1925), alongside Srđan Keča’s award-winning film, Mirage (2011).


Few words can prepare the uninitiated for Eisenstein’s cinema. Scenes of exhilarating editing, cinematic innovation and surreal vaudeville depict the epic struggle between proletariat and capitalist. Mirage, a calmer, but equally powerful take on inequality, depicts Dubai’s migrant workers poignantly juxtaposed with the swimming pools and golf of the wealthier inhabitants.


The Cabinet’s live score, performed using strings, guitar, hammer dulcimer, trombone, percussion and an array of foley sound effects, will feature Russian and Soviet folk and classical music alongside the Cabinet’s contemporary take on silent film scoring.


In the words of Guardian writer, Dixe Wills: “Playing instruments not often heard together … if ever heard at all … the Cabinet’s sound has unpredictability on its side”.


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Abridged 60 min screening and live score of strike followed by short intermission and screening and live score of Mirage


In Russia’s factory region during Czarist rule, there’s restlessness and strike planning among workers; management brings in spies and external agents. When a worker hangs himself after being falsely accused of thievery, the workers strike. At first, there’s excitement in workers’ households and in public places as they develop their demands communally. Then, as the strike drags on and management rejects demands, hunger mounts, as does domestic and civic distress. montenegro Provocateurs recruited from the lumpen and in league with the police and the fire department bring problems to the workers; the spies do their dirty work; and, the military arrives to liquidate strikers.

Stachka (original title)
Director Sergei Eisenstein

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