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Hands on protest workshop

Jeux de bouches- Mouths Parade - Sait Yrieix, 2008

Sonya Pike  interviews artist Emmanuelle Waeckerle on her upcoming workshop,

‘Jungle Fever takes to the streets’


Emmanuelle Waeckerle was born in Morroco and now lives between London and France. She is a multidisciplinary artist as well as an educator at the University of Creative Arts. Her art practice explores language and connecting issues of place and identity. Recurring themes are – the relationship between body voice and identity – the limitations of translation – poetics of survival and resistance.



How did you first begin the project of Jungle Fever?
Jungle Fever was an extension of previous projects, my Vinst project especially, which explores the body as language and non-verbal communication. I applied all I learnt on how to use one’s body as a tool and now I can show others how to do it. Giving performance art workshops to photography students at the University also influenced Jungle Fever, I borrowed strategies I develop to learn to communicate through one’s body. I first used Jungle Fever to explore Tourism, how we could become tourists of our own bodies, as a way of escaping reality.



How do you feel the Jungle Fever relates to the Centennial?
The Centennial is around Mayday and The Bread and Roses has such a rich history of workers rights, I thought that Jungle Fever, as a celebration of a particular state of mind, could be applied to the idea of protesting and striking. Jungle Fever is about a questioning or reclaiming of ones life and boundaries. People will be able to explore what striking is and what they would want to strike about, whether it is something small or something life changing. Jungle Fever is about making our lives our own, and learning how to use voice and body to express and question our everyday lives.



Are you excited about the workshop and how do you hope the day will go?
Yes I am excited about the Jungle Fever takes to the streets workshop, and applying Jungle Fever to something other than Tourism. It will allow the project to develop in new directions; working with different people bringing their own ideas and energies while learning playfully and collectively how to voice their thoughts and creative ways of striking. It is always very exciting when Art and Life connect in such ways to celebrate such a historical moment.



For Further details of this workshop and to book a place;


Saturday 5th May
11.30 – 15.00
FREE admission