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‘Carry Greenham Home’ + ‘Silo Walk’

Digital still from Silo Walk, 2008-2010, courtesy of Lucy Reynolds

‘Silo Walk’ is a silent moving image work that re-visits routes inhabited by female anti-nuclear protestors at Greenham Common’s American military airbase, since transformed into a nature walk around the site. The work’s title serves an ambiguous and paradoxical purpose: acting both as a commemoration of the Common’s past, whilst at the same time neutralising the dangerous potentiality of its military ambitions by inviting the walker to absorb these implications into the pleasurable context of a walk in the countryside. ‘Silo Walk’ unwittingly suggests that this submerged history can be stirred again through the act of walking, re-treading lost ground as an aid to memory.


We will also be showing ‘Carry Greenham Home’ prior to exhibiting Lucy’s work. Lent to us generously by Contemporary Films, the documentary shows an account of life at the women’s peace camp at Greenham Common, Berkshire.


“I am excited to be a part of this project and support a new generation who face the task of re-thinking effective forms of protest and the role that art can play in this process” –Lucy Reynolds, in conversation with Amy McDonnell and Ying Tan in 2012


Saturday 5th May
8:00 pm at the Clapham Common Bandstand
FREE admission