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Jordan McKenzie’s ‘Feral’

Monsieur Takes A Dip 2010. Commissioned for the b-side Festival, Weymouth, Courtesy of Jordan McKenzie

Jordan Mckenzie is a performance/installation artist who has worked both nationally and internationally. His work is concerned with identity politics and Queer Theory and though new research his practice critical and artistic investigations into the performative potential of drawing.


His piece ‘Feral’ ridicules the moral panic surrounding ‘feral youth’ post The London Riots of last year. Five Hoodies on white chargers will be seen “hanging out” near the Clapham Common Bandstand. Disconnected and disinterested by the events that are surrounding them, this gang exists on the periphery. Calling upon images of the Western genre, gang culture and the ‘outsider’, this performance reframes hoodies as nostalgic (and ultimately empty) emblems of freedom, dissent and opposition.


Sunday 6th May
7:00 pm at the Clapham Common Bandstand
FREE admission