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A Reflection: Free Labour in Art

Photo courtesy of Alice Tatge

‘A Reflection on the Idea of Free Labour in Art’ is a new performance work choreographed by Alice Tatge or a participatory protest event on the dependence of …


NEW DATE: The Battle of Trafalgar


The Battle of Trafalgar gives an account of the anti-poll tax demonstration on 31st March 1990, one that is radically different from that presented by TV news. Eyewitnesses tell …


The Uprising of 34 + Q&A

Workers protesting at the gates of a textile mill.

UK PREMIERE. In 1934, hundreds of thousands of Southern textile workers participated in the largest single-industry strike in history. Many lost their jobs; some lost their lives. Dozens of …


Poets of Protest, Q&A, live poetry

Poets of Protest Lebanese Poet Yehia Jaber

EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of work in progress Al Jazeera documentaries.   Poetry in the Middle East lives and breathes like few other places.   An open forum discussion …


Jordan McKenzie’s ‘Feral’

Monsieur Takes A Dip 2010. Commissioned for the b-side Festival, Weymouth, Courtesy of Jordan McKenzie

Jordan Mckenzie is a performance/installation artist who has worked both nationally and internationally. His work is concerned with identity politics and Queer Theory and though new research his practice critical and …


London Screen Study Collection

Battle of Trafalgar 1913

As part of the Bread and Roses Film Festival celebrations, we will be travelling back in time with some films of the London Screen Study Collection newly discovered …


Black Power Mix Tape + Q&A


The Black Power Mixtape examines the evolution of the Black Power Movement in the black community and Diaspora from 1967 to 1975. The film combines music, startling 16mm …


Political Karaoke by Joey Ryken

Gestalt Party-Rock Cinema The Party's Over, 2011, Courtesy of Joey Ryken

Chronotopic Invocation 1: Profane Articulations of the Autosarcophagic Orchestra (BZZHHHHJT!!!) A new participatory work to disorientate political sloganing through popular viewership and performance.   “My work connects personal …


Made in Dagenham


The film stars the award winning Sally Hawkins as Rita O’Grady who is the catalyst for the 1968 Ford Dagenham strike by 187 sewing machinists which led to …


Award winning: The Interrupters

The Interrupters

Shot over the course of one year, The Interrupters are: Ameena, Cobe and Eddie, all who have stories and histories of violence and gang activity. These “violence interrupters” …


The Reluctant Revolutionary+Q&A


“A breathless pace, a sense of black humor and a great central character make The Reluctant Revolutionary one of the most immediate and accessible descriptions of the Arab …