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Award winning Miles Apart + Q&A

Miles Apart is an observational documentary, intimately looking at the clash of different generations and cultures in a rapidly changing China.


Twelve years ago, Laomao and his wife Meizi left their two children in the countryside to build a business 600 miles away, in Beijing. We palpably feel the confined conditions of city living and the relentless grind of a working life.


When they are joined by their daughter Ying Ying, it becomes immediately obvious that she doesn’t share her parents’ work ethic. Meizi’s frustration is raw as she pushes her daughter towards employment and at the same time, her son Lei Lei won’t apply himself to his studies.


The separation of Chinese families by migration is a story shared by a quarter of rural parents, most of whom can relate to the frustrations of working hard for seemingly ungrateful children.


Screening 6pm Wednesday May 2nd. Click here to book FREE tickets


Awards: One World Media Awards 2011



42 mins 30 secs




Dolby Stereo

Original language: Mandarin Chinese and Chinese dialect

Director/Producer/Cinematographer, Ling Lee
Associate Producer Liu Fan
Editor Adam Thomas
Sound Recordist, Kyle Pickford
Composer, Lennert Busch
Sound Designer, Jay Price
Online Editor/Colourist. Dillan Nicholls