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Our new (paid) intern


Mihnea Chiujdea

Hi everyone…I’ve just started working at studioSTRIKE so I’d like to introduce myself to you all. I am currently here for an eight-week placement but hoping my collaboration with studioSTRIKE won’t end as soon as my placement!


I am 25 and a graduate part-time student at UCL, studying Philosophy.  My interests are mainly around phenomenology, existentialism, aesthetics and philosophy of film (if this list gave you the impression that I am bad at discriminating between options and generally undecided…you’re probably right).


I moved to London about six years ago when I started my BA in Politics at UCL. This had quite a broad focus so it enabled me to do a number of (slightly unrelated – not to say incoherent) things over the last years: I went to study Philosophy and Film Studies in the Czech Republic,  worked as a journalist for a couple of years and also undertook political monitoring and analysis work. I also just published my first academic article examining the political philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty.


Being halfway through my degree I thought it would be a good break from academia to do a placement and the UCL Advances Internship Programme made this possible for me. Their aim is to support students with their career prospects and London SMEs and one of the ways they are doing this is by placing students with hosts organisations over the summer. In exchange, the participating students get a stipend from UCL. I’ve been wanting to get some arts management/events experience for a long time but I was a bit scared of looking for something in the field as I didn’t have an art history (or similar) degree so the UCL programme was a great opportunity for me.


I was very keen on studioSTRIKE because they came across as an art space that promotes creativity within a politically minded setting. I expected this to be quite a low-key affair for me as an intern – just helping with one of their book publications. It was unexpected to see how much they had prepared for me and that they’re looking to get me involved in virtually every project they have over the next few months, including the forthcoming film festival and community outreach projects. It’s such a friendly environment here and I feel that I can connect in more than one way with the people around me.


The really pleasant surprise is that they’ve been supporting me to put on my own event. It’s really early days still but so far the idea is to collaborate with one of the resident photographers, Sarah, and work on an interdisciplinary event (or series of events) on philosophy and photography. I’ll keep you posted!


The highlight so far of my time with studioSTRIKE has been going to a Film London exhibitors’ event with Afshin. It felt a bit daunting but also really exciting. Oh, and making love potions with Natasha.


Bye for now, catch me on Twitter!