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Manifesto for a New Public

How to Make a Difference, 2007, billboard commissioned by International Project Space, Birmingham, courtesy of Freee

The Freee Collective’s latest manifesto commissioned for the project Towards Common Ground.

“You write Manifestos alone with imaginary allies in exotic locations; you write Manifestos alone but in a style of writing that calls others forth; you write Manifestos alone but always with others in mind, always with the hope that when the Manifesto is published it will be met with recognition: A public! A community! A movement!”


On Saturday 28th April Freee will host  a ‘spoken choir’ at the Clapham Common Bandstand with their new manifesto The Manifesto for a New Public. Freee will produce this text beforehand, requesting that the spoken choir readers / participants underline the phrases, statements and sentences that they agree with. At the spoken choir event Freee will read the whole manifesto whilst participants will read aloud only the statements they agree with.  The event has no audience – the spoken choir is not a performance or a spectacle in fact it is rather unspectacular in the Brechtian sense.


Saturday 28th April
Clapham Common Bandstand