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Secret archives

Here’s where it gets interesting, our team of passionate researchers are delving into depths of the Trade Union Congres, British Film Institute, Lambeth, Library of Congress and American Textile History archives!

We have a screening of Eisenstein’s 1925 classic, Strike, as you’ve never seen it before, with a live music score by our friends four musicians of The Cabinet of Living Cinema and a fatherly concert violinist.

Some say he is an filmmaker, some say an artist, we know him as our Serbian phycisits turned award winning filmmaker and archive aficiondao – Srjan Keca. He has some surprise screening in store, scoured from the British Film Institute archives.

We get a rare access to the TUC archives and we can’t wait to share some of stunning material and narratives, from gender equality artwork to behind the scenes strike photography.

And then there’s Lambeth local archives, hidden gems under our noses, we had a no idea the area was such a hotbed of protest!

From our friends in the US we have archive images from the Library of Congress – see the faces of the 1912 strike leaders & strikers – and follow early 20t century photographer Lewis Hine as he takes you on a journey charting the life of cotton, from the southern state cotton fields to the textile mills of the South states and Eastern seafront.

We’ll share some of the archives online but if you want to see all the riches come to the screenings at Bread and Roses, 68 Clapham Street, SW4 6DX to see the exhibition.

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