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Animation unstitched

Our first official Bread and Roses Festival animated trailer! Unbeknown to the team at studioSTRIKE a talented Syrian animator was producing a gem of a film for the festival…..when we saw it we simply fell in love with it….and we’re sure you will too!


We’re just adding the audio to the second official festival trailer from a talented Iranian motion Graphics artists, Nassrin Nasser…keep you eyes and ears peeled…it’ll be live any day now! In the meantime we tracked down Yamen to ask how he came to create the amazing animation.


“It all began when resident textile artist Charlotte Rees and composer, vocalist, songwriter Kylie Earl were researching the Bread and Roses Strike and showed me a short historical documentary on the 1912 strikes. The presence of Charlotte’s industrial knitting machine in studioSTRIKE instantly brought to life the archive footage and imagery of the 1912 textile looms that were in the film.


I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a short animation using the Dubied machine, and I came up with a general concept to show it coming to life, knitting the fabric on it’s own, guided by an unseen presence. I thought it would be ideal for stop motion.


I made a storyboard from photographs I took of the machine and asked Kylie and sound designer Bruce Wuilloud to create a soundtrack for the animation. Valentino Lazarides who is also an animator helped to source the necessary equipments for the shoot. Everyone had creative input on the project.


The effect I wanted was for the yarn to move alone, so with help from Charlotte I used very thin colourless fishing line tied to the yarn and fed it into the machine, pulling from the other end. I erased the line from the frames using Photoshop, also using a green screen to illuminate unwanted background elements. I used a Canon 550D with Dragonframe software and three lights. In post production I used Adobe After Effects to extract the green screen and replaced it with a fabric texture. For the last shot I composited Bread and roses and studioSTRIKE logos on the textile.”


Yamen Albadin is a London-based animator whose work is mostly concerned with social, scientific and spiritual subjects. Yamen tries to achieve aesthetic beauty and deliver a message to the public by using innovative techniques. Art and animation has always been his passion and since moving to London in 2009, Yamen has been studying animation at London College of Communication. He has worked on a feature film called Solito, and has gained professional experience at both Picasso Pictures and Aljazeera English. Yamen is currently working as a freelance editor and animator.