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A Reflection: Free Labour in Art

Photo courtesy of Alice Tatge

‘A Reflection on the Idea of Free Labour in Art’ is a new performance work choreographed by Alice Tatge or a participatory protest event on the dependence of the contemporary labour market on unpaid work.


“I immediately warmed to the idea of creating a performance around the unique structure of the bandstand, traditionally a space for an organised social gathering, as my work is ‘site-responsive’ and really does emerge from the environment in which it is located”.


Alice Tatge is a performance artist, choreographer and contemporary dancer. Her choreographic and performative work juxtaposes pure dance and the emotional and physical content that it evokes with other forms of art. Her most recent performance work has revolved around her interest in the phenomenology of sense perception and the possibility of providing interactive/ close encounter experiences for audience members, both in theatrical and non-theatrical environments.


‘A Reflection on the Idea of Free Labour in Art’ has been commissioned as new choreography from Tatge. This live work is inspired by the physicality of strike, particularly the “moving picket line” technique employed by textile workers during the bread and roses strike. The work will see her responding to gatherings around the Clapham Common Bandstand in an attempt to raise new discussion on labour and cultural production. Using fabric to wind around and extend from the structure of the bandstand, the material will act as a limit and restriction of passerby movement activity in space but will also become an invitation of participation in a protest performance highlighting the epidemic of expected unpaid work in the current market.


Sunday 6th May
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, and ongoing at the Clapham Common bandstand
FREE admission